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Welcome to our new Parents Page! This is the place that you can find information about your child's class, recent newsletter, and any other information you might need to know.  

We are now in Facebook! Just find us and become a fan and you can view pictures of different activities that the kids are doing! 

                                           How To View Cameras Through a Web Browser:

1. Open a new internet browser tab or window and type the following into the address bar and hit enter:


Right Click Here and select "open in new tab" or "open in new window".

***This is so you can continue to follow the instructions below.

2. Click on the Web Browser/Thin Client on the left.

3. Click Edit Systems in the left hand column.

4. Click on the words Kids Care under system name.

5. To the right there is an area to enter the username and password. Enter the credentials below.

Enter Username 

Enter Password

6. Click Apply

7. Click the monitor icon in the top left corner next to the double gear icon.

8. Click the blue grid layout at the top that shows 9 blue squares. It should be the last layout to the right.

9. To bring a camera up full screen, double click on any one of the camera images. Double click again to go back to viewing all cameras.

10. ***Save this page as a bookmark or a favorite for future access. This will prevent you from having to go through all the steps each time you want to access the cameras.*** 

                                          How to View Cameras with the Cell Phone App:

1. Go to your app store and install the following app: Exacq Mobile 3

2. Open the app

3. It should ask if you want to add a web service. Click yes.

4. Enter a "Friendly Name" 

example: Kids Care

5. Enter the following in the address field:

6. Click apply

7. Click on KIDS CARE"" under the word "Servers"

8. Enter the following username and password:

Enter Username 

Enter Password

9. Click the left pointing arrow in the top left corner to bring you to the Web Services page. Click it one more time and you should see a blank square that says "select a camera".

10. Click the icon that looks like a grid in the top right corner next to the camera icon.

11. Select the 8 panel layout

12. Click on the first square and you will see the list of cameras show up.  Select which camera you want to view in that square. Continue to do this step until you have populated all of the cameras you wish to see.

Note: There will be a green vertical line next to the cameras that have already been selected.

13. To bring a camera up in full screen view, tap once on a camera image. To go back to all cameras, tap the image again.